Sunday, February 22, 2015

I HEART the NEW YORK times

The New York Times is leading the pack when it comes to the digital transition. Lauren doesn't think so, but they totally are.

They announced a plan to revamp their website, possibly make their app free and a new method to increase revenue from digital advertisements. All of which are great, but the Times is mainly leading the pack because they produce content that meshes with the ever popular click-baity news like Buzzfeed and Mashable.

Some reasons why their digital presence works:

1. The format of the New York Times app appeals to screen-swiping millennials. The app gives pithy summaries for the time strapped reader, and for longer features, the app generously provides an estimated read time. If the app says it'll takes 30 min. to read, you bet I'll pass.

2. They publish content that captures the eyes of readers who prefer screen to paper.  Last night, I read an article about the Notorious R.B.G. (older people may know her as Ruth Bader Ginsburg) who has become a recent pop icon and martyr for young Democrats. Check out the story here.

3. Most importantly, the New York Times Now app successfully convinces users the app is worth paying for. After a brief trial period, users have to decide whether it's worth $2 a week. Without a doubt it's worth it. Everyday I look forward to reading the "Morning Briefing"– a comprehensive summary of important current events – and the "Evening Briefing," which is presented as photojournalism. When I'm bored, instead of turning to Facebook, I'll swipe right on the NY Times Now app to "Editors Picks" and scroll through an aggregated list of popular internet stories from various websites. I'm always interested in reading about the origins of "HTTP" or a Buzzfeed article about a sculpture on Hollywood Boulevard of an Oscar snorting crack.

The NY Times is learning to embrace digital journalism. Truthfully, and perhaps their greatest accomplishment, the NY Times editors are better than my Facebook friends at picking Buzzfeed articles. They've joined 'em cause Lord knows print media can't beat 'em.

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