Sunday, February 22, 2015

Eric's Official List of Best and Worst Red Carpet Looks, Oscars 2015

This counts as "about the media," right? Just kidding.

I have no real sense of fashion and certainly no authority to judge other people's, but I'm gonna pretend I do. Classic hollywood vintage looks and neutral colors characterize this year's red carpet at the Oscars. Frankly, many of the dresses are vintage, boring, and a bit old-fashioned with so much draping and floral prints that I may need to put a lock on my grandmother's linen closet. 

Photos credit: Noel West, The New York Times 

Best looks:

3. Faith Hill- Her dress is pure elegance. The patches of shimmer on the neutral cream keep the dress interesting. Perhaps the tailoring distorts her proportions, but love it overall. She could be on the cover of Glamour with that hair and makeup. 

2. Georgina Chapman in Marchesa Eternal Collection. The floral pattern and diamond accents remind me of a couch my parents bought in the early 90s, but if the couch had been this sophisticated floral pattern, I might have convinced them to keep it. Exquisite. 

1. Meryl Streep in ??? This choice may by biased. Meryl is my hero, and tonight she might tie Katherine Hepburn for most Academy Awards. Glad she broke the mold and decided to ditch the dress. She rocks it. Also love her pose –  just like a mannequin.

Worst Looks: 

3.  Lady Gaga in a costume-like princess dress. Of course Gaga has to go against the grain. Although her dress is just that – a dress – it's just too much. Her hair cut and color reminds me of the wife's in "American Gothic." (All that's missing is her fiancĂ© with the pitchfork)

2. Octavia Spencer in Tadashi Shoji. It's not terrible. It just looks like my grandmother's drapes. Too much fabric and the color reminds me of a museum artifact. 

1. Patricia Arquette in Rosetta Getty. Okay it's not that bad. Like she probably won't be on any real worst dressed lists, but I just don't like the dress. Black and white is boring, and there is nothing there to snazzy it up. It's a shame the hair and makeup don't redeem the look. 

Honorable Mention: Oprah Winfrey in Vera Wang. Let's just say she really kicked 'em up for the show. 

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